According to experts, content and links are the two most important ranking factors when it comes to a websites searchability online. While Google advertising is helpful, it does not have the longevity of onsite content, which remains online forever. Meanwhile, a well-written blog, with the right keywords, can take you to the top of page 1 on Google. Even though Google and other search engines change up how their search algorithms work from time to time, blogging is as relevant as ever and it is just the SEO marketing strategy your business likely needs!

Why Blogging and Backlinks are Better than Google Ads

While effective, search engine marketing strategies like Google advertising is expensive and when the ads stop, so do your higher rankings. If you want organic, fast growth, and immediate return on investment (ROI) that will never go away on the internet, then you need optimized content people want to read.

You can get great results with 1,000+ word blogs and backlinks to high-ranking domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) pages. Optimally, two blogs and four backlinks per month will get you great results. Our client went from #42 to #1 on Google for a luxury rental villa in the Tamarindo area in eight months. Consistency is key, however, and to maintain your status you must continue to use the best keywords for your business and publish new content regularly. The best keywords may not be the ones with the most searches, however. The competition behind those keywords must also be considered.

Speaking of competition, Google ads is a highly competitive industry. Effective ads will cost $1,000 to Google, plus a management fee, putting you out $2,000 a month for something that can be done for much less, all while still getting your website to rank higher on Google. Plus, the advantage only lasts as long as you pay for the advertising. Blogs and backlinks, meanwhile, will always stay represented on your website, along with high-grade links on the internet, for a fraction of the price as running Google ads. 

Organic traffic is king! That’s why an SEO marketing strategy that includes blogging and backlinks is better than Google ads. You get more bang for your buck!

Here's what Costa Consultants can do with $600 per month:

  1. Perform an SEO analysis of three competitors' websites in order to compile a list of the top keywords for relevant topics on your blogs. 
  1. Come up with a blog plan using the top keywords that you want to focus on for your website to rank higher on Google, as well as fun topics that are relatable and keep your users and followers engaged. 
  1. Write 1,000-word optimized blogs using the proper keywords twice a month and post them to your website, and write four backlinks (two for each blog) and link them to two high-ranking DA and PA pages.
  1. We follow VPN ranking to track how your website ranks in the USA (or wherever you want to do business) for the top keywords at present and then each month we check the progress and see how your site ranks after the work has been put in. 
  1. We can even offer you high-resolution images from a stock image site to use along with your blog if you do not have your own useable photos.

Each month we track all keyword research, VPN rankings, blogs and backlinks, and images and save it all into a Google Drive folder we can both access so you are always kept up to date.

While we have seen great success with two 1,000-word blogs posted to our client's website each month and four backlinks a month for $600, we can start with half of that and see how high your rankings improve if you prefer a lower budget of $300 a month.

The content from the blogs can also help you build out your newsletters each month with ease! This is something we can also do for you. We can even build up your email list, create an appealing newsletter template with content you wish to feature with links to your website, and send it out to your contacts with your email as the sender.

What Are Backlinks and High-Ranking DA and PA Pages?

Backlinks are simply links to one website found on another website. Google and other search engines consider backlinks to be kind of like “votes” in the online world. Websites with lots of links or “votes” rank higher on Google (page 1 or 2), allowing people to find your website more easily.

Linking your website to any old site just won't do, however. To really get noticed, you want your links to be found on websites with high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). These are essentially scores that gauge from 1 to 100 for a website (domain) and a page on a website. The higher the score, the better the site will rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Sound complicated? It can be, and the algorithms that drive search results are always changing. That is why your need experts in search engine marketing strategies to help you stay on top of the rankings, not to mention high-quality content that gets noticed and shared.

Trust the SEO marketing strategy experts at Costa Consultants to create high-quality, compelling content that your users will actually want to read! Our top writer/editor is a former journalist from Canada who wrote nationally recognized headline news for over a decade. We also promote your content on top-rated blogs and other content writing platforms to get the most out of your blog. With us as your content marketing partner, you can expect SEO optimized content that will give you greater visibility on search engines like Google and higher brand recognition within a matter of months.

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Blog by: Jennifer LaCharite – Costa Consultants, International